About me

I’m currently a Digital Journalism MA Student at Goldsmiths.

I am passionate about technology, data, internet privacy and algorithms.

My current focus at Goldsmiths is on honing the skills to understand the relationship between technology and power. I am also passionate about growing my open-source investigations toolkit, and learning how to use Python and Javascript.


My background in social media has given me a solid understanding of how these tools work, and I’m excited to integrate the new critical understandings I have of them into my journalism: performing scrapes of Twitter’s API for analysis, understanding how to search for and find information on Facebook and Instagram, analysing Linkedin networks, and much more.

I previously worked in the documentary film industry, so I have a solid understanding of visual and multimedia storytelling, as well as how to deliver presentations, reports and workshops.

I currently contribute to London-based digital news sites eastlondonlines.co.uk and raven-news.uk