Masters Coursework:

Governed by Numbers, June 2019 – Feature
Council Algorithm Watch Twitter bot, April 2019 – Digital project
Twitter, Journalists, and News Judgement, Jan 2019 – Report 
In the NHS of the future, will the public be left in the dark about their data?, Jan 2019 – Feature
Bookmarked for Closure: Campaigners fight to save Lewisham libraries, Nov 2018 – Feature
Youth unemployment at record low: Are things getting better for young people at work?, Nov 2018 –Data-driven story

Raven News:

Food banks are not just photo ops for Tory MPs, Corbyn tells May, Dec 2018
What you wish you’d known: Reforming sex education, Dec 2018

East London Lines:

Campaigners fighting to prevent £450,000 cuts to Lewisham’s struggling library services, Oct 2018


Iconic store, seized by Nazis and destroyed by war, rises anew in Berlin, Sep 2014
German Muslims condemn Islamic State in nationwide day of prayer,Sep 2014
At a landmark Berlin rally, Merkel vows to fight anti-SemitismSep 2014
One-third of German firms see sanctions hitting Russian businessSep 2014
Berlin bans car service Uber, Aug 2014
German consumer morale drops going into September – GfK, Aug 2014
German police investigation into neo-Nazi killers a “fiasco” – report, Aug 2014
Historic German library restores rare Copernicus book after blazeSep 2014
German gun club drops bid to strip title from Muslim marksmanSep 2014